Southwest Fire and Security also can supplement protection of your site by designing, installing commissioning and maintaining the following:



CCTV is an essential part of site safety.  Not only helping out with the investigation suspicious or criminal activity but also helping out with health and safety.  Any accidents that may happen on your site could be caught and documented by CCTV footage. 

Automatic Barriers and Gates

Whether you need to restrict vehicle movements, or secure your sites perimeter, automated gates are the way to go.  These can be controlled remotely by security staff, automatically by ANPR cameras or fully integrated into your access control system for unattended use.

Access Control

Controlling movements of people around your site or building is a massive advantage when it comes to security.  Stopping unauthorised access to areas, or just eliminating the need for keys to be produced for staff access control can save money and increase convenience.

Intruder Alarms

Alarming and protecting your premises, is a good first step towards protecting your assets and corporate integrity.  Alarms are not just for overnight or when your premises are empty, securing areas during the daytime are something requirements of insurance or any special conditions you may have imposed on your business.